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Burrsville Infant Academy

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School Uniform

Burrsville Infant Academy believes that a consistent school uniform policy is vital to promote the ethos of the school and provide a sense of belonging and identity for all pupils, regardless of their protected characteristics or socio-economic circumstances.

This policy lays out the measures the school has taken to ensure a consistent, fair and inclusive uniform policy, and to implement a uniform that reflects the needs of all pupils and is affordable and the best value for money for the school and pupils’ families.

We believe that pupils learn most effectively and achieve their best outcomes when they are comfortable, able to be themselves, and dressed in such a way that sets an appropriate tone for education.

School colours

Our school colours are as follows:

Royal blue, grey and white.



Trainers are not considered suitable footwear.

Parents are responsible for ensuring their child brings their PE kit to school when needed.


Permitted jewellery that may be worn is:

  • One pair of stud earrings – no other piercings are permitted.
  • A sensible wrist watch which cannot be used to take photographs.

Jewellery is the responsibility of the pupil and not the school. Lost or damaged items will not be refunded. All jewellery must be removed during PE lessons. In line with guidance, children will not be permitted to do PE if they are wearing earrings.


The school reserves the right to make a judgement on where pupils’ hairstyles or hair colours are inappropriate for the school environment; however, will ensure that any such judgements do not discriminate against any pupil by virtue of their protected characteristics. Each individual pupil’s scenario will be taken into account where any judgements on appropriateness are to be made, and parents will always have the freedom to complain via the school’s Complaints Procedures Policy.

Pupils with long hair must ensure that this does not impede their vision, cover their face or provide a health and safety risk. Long hair must be tied up. Please use hair accessories in the school colours of blue, white, grey or black. Excessive and brightly coloured hair accessories are not appropriate.

Additional notes

Nail varnish and temporary tattoos are not permitted.

Adverse weather

All pupils are required to wear weather-appropriate clothing during adverse weather.

For hot temperatures, this includes wearing:

  • Sun hat/ baseball cap
  • School shorts/ summer dresses/ playsuits

Pupils are advised not to wear any jumpers or cardigans during heatwaves. If outside during break times, pupils are advised to stay in an area protected from the sun.

For cold temperatures, this includes wearing:

  • Scarves, gloves, coats and hats when they are outside.
  • School jumper or cardigan.
  • Trousers, or thick tights grey or black tights with skirts.


All pupils’ clothing and footwear is clearly labelled with their name.

Any lost clothing is be taken to the lost property box in the school foyer. All lost property is retained until the next school holiday and is disposed of if it is not collected before this time.

All items can be found online at www.yourschoolwear.co.uk

If items are ordered before 12 noon they can be dispatched the next working day.  

Items can also be collected from

Prime Fulfilment Ltd,

Prestige House,

Valleybridge Road,


CO15 4AD