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Burrsville Infant Academy

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Topic: All about me 

Sparkling start: Tour of our new school 

This half-term is our very first term of school and we have been very busy and excited settling in getting to know all of our new friends and all of the adults who work in our school. When we started school we spent the first few weeks showing the grown ups what we can do and what we enjoy doing, we also explored our new classrooms and our Early Years outside area. Our teachers have been been busy getting to know is where they have been working with us 1:1 to know all of our special personalities and attributes.  Once we had settled into school we had our 'Sparkling start' which was a tour of our new school, we walked around the school in pairs where we visited all of the classrooms, the school forest, the school hall, the office and we went to see Miss Siggery and Maggie the dog in the Headteachers office. Our topic this half-term is called 'All about me' where we have been sharing with our friends what we enjoy doing, who lives in our house, who is in our family and what our favourite toys are. We have been doing this through our 'Jigsaw' sessions where we have been taking it in turns to speak whilst holding 'Jigsaw Jenie'. We also created our own houses where we drew who lives in them and then we tried to name all of the shapes that made up our houses. We have been enjoying learning and writing about the stories of 'The Colour Monster', 'Super-duper You', 'King and King', 'Funny Bones', 'The Squirrels Who Squabbled', 'In Every House in Every Street' and 'You Choose'. These stories have helped us to settle into school where we have been discussing our personal feelings, drawing our self-portraits and learning about our new friends.