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Burrsville Infant Academy

Create a Joy in Learning For Every Child

Meet our Team

 Headteacher - Miss K Siggery

Deputy Headteacher - Miss A Pargin

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs M Wright

SENCO - Mrs T Fuller




Maple Class - Miss A Pargin

Rowan Class - Miss A Hutchings

Year 1

Sycamore Class - Mrs Tomaselli (On Maternity Leave)

Sycamore Class Maternity Cover - Mrs A James/Mrs N Turner

Cedar Class - Miss J Jacobs

Year 2

Elder Class - Mrs O Greene (On Maternity Leave)

Elder Class Maternity Cover - Mrs D Niland 

Hazel Class Maternity Cover - Mrs E O'Reilly (On Maternity Leave)

Hazel Class Maternity Cover - Mrs H Henfrey/Mrs N Turner 

Early Years Practitioners

Miss T Newark

Mrs H Perryman (HLTA)

Mrs J Coleman

Learning Support Assistants

Year 1

Mrs K Reeves

Mrs C Westlake

Mrs L Reeve

Year 2

Miss T Brazier

Mrs E Harris

SEN Learning Support Assistants

Miss B Harman-Page

Miss D Chandler

Speech and Language LSA

Miss D Chandler


Computing (ICT) Leader

Ms J Green (HLTA)


Forest School Leader

Mrs H Perryman (HLTA)


THRIVE Practitioner and Learning Mentor

Mrs C Lloyd 


Family Wellbeing Practitioner and DSL

Mrs M Wright 


School Business Manager - Mrs C Milnes

Finance Assistant - Mrs J Luxford

Attendance Officer - Miss A Chapman

Kitchen Staff

Catering Manager - Miss T Baker

Assistant CookMrs J Walker

Catering Assistant - Mrs J Hunt


Midday Assistants

Mrs K Reeves (Snr)

Mrs T Turner

Miss C Young (On Maternity Leave)

Miss T Hawkins

Miss N Prior

Mrs C Westlake

Ms A Matthews

Miss H Aitchison

Miss M Pallett

Mrs R White

Premises Staff

Premises Manager Mr T Baker

Miss T Baker

Miss T Newark

Mrs S Lamb

REAch2 Central Team

Tim Culpin - Director of Education

Sinead Harper - Deputy Director of Education

Martin Henson - Associate School Leader

Rachel Sykes - Finance Training and Support

Rosie Southgate - HR Advisor

Siobhan Chester - Regional Governance Support