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Burrsville Infant Academy

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Year 1

|Welcome to Cedar and Sycamore Classes 

Please find below our curriculum map, this is so you can see what we are up to through the year. Click on the image to obtain a larger view. 


Spring Term 2023 - Paws, Claws and Dinosaurs 

Happy New Year! We started this terms topic with a sparkling start to get the children excited for their new learning. We started the morning talking about our favourite animals. We had lots of fun sharing this with the class. We spent the morning completing exciting activities all about animals, including making our own jungle safari and using play dough to model our own animals. 

During the afternoon, we used a range of materials to create our own animal masks. We carefully matched our colours and textures to our animals. We had lots of fun pretending to be our animals in role play and making animal noises. 

Welcome back to start of our Autumn Term 2022

At the beginning of the term we had a sparkling start. We dressed as Superheros for the day. There were some amazing costumes. We made shields and thought about our characters. We have been reading the book Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. We have written about the characters using adjectives and conjunctions to make our sentences more interesting.


In our Maths learning we have been thinking about numbers to 10. We have been comparing numbers and have learnt the vocabulary 'greater than', 'Less

than' and 'Equal to'. We have used practical resources to explore this.

In Art we have been exploring the artist Pablo Picasso. We learnt facts about him, we couldn't believe he had 23 names!

We have looked at examples of his work and appreciated them, observing colour, line and shape.

We then used different materials to explore different types of lines like Pablo Picasso. 

To celebrate the 10th birthday of Reach2 we took part in a colour run. We had a lovely afternoon and all went home with a colourful medal.