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Burrsville Infant Academy

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Year 2

Hazel and Elder class 

Summer Term

This term our topic is 'To Infinity and Beyond' and we will be learning all about Space!

For our sparkling start we received an unexpected video of a spaceship landing in the forest! All week we have been learning about planets and space for our new topic 'to infinity and beyond' and so we were the perfect children to investigate the spaceship that had landed! We investigated the rocket remains, made predictions in our science lab coats, and even found a letter asking for help to get home. 

During our sparkling start we also learnt about the planets. We learnt the order of the planets and then researched information about each one. We wonder which planet our Alien came from?


In English we have been learning to write instructions, so that we can write instructions to help the Alien rebuild his rocket. We have learnt about bossy verbs, adverbs and the features of instructions. We even followed instructions to build our own rockets to help the Alien!


In maths this half term we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been naming the shapes and identifying the features. 

We have been investigating how many edges, faces and vertices that 3D shapes have!

Autumn Term

We had a fantastic start to Year 2 in Hazel and Elder class. Our topic this term is ‘Towers, Turrets and Tunnels’ and we celebrated this with a sparking start. We held a knight in training day! Where the children immersed themselves into the role of a knight. We learnt all about a day in the life of a knight, created our own coats of arms and made crowns to serve our kings and queens.


Our text for our topic was ‘George and the Dragon’. The children thoroughly enjoy this narrative text and a lot of learning was generated from it. We analysed and described the main characters, acted the story out, and wrote our own versions of ‘George and the Dragon’. We wrote some amazing narratives using lots of interesting adjectives.


In maths we concentrated on place value, addition and subtraction this term. We used concrete resources such as Numicon, tens and ones, number fans, and bead strings to help secure our number knowledge. We then applied this knowledge through written addition and subtraction questions and problem solving.


All our topic this term has been linking to Towers, Turrets and Tunnels’. In science we were learning about different materials. We also used our computing knowledge to familiarise ourselves with new software to draw castles focusing on pattern, texture and tone. This linked to our art lessons and we were able to merge the skills.


We’re looking forward to our Spring topic which will be ‘Blue Planet’

Please see below our curriculum map for you to see what we are learning in year two and when.