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Year 2 Leavers Video

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our leavers video! We have loved hearing all your favourite memories from your time at Burrsville! We are so proud of you and wish you all lots of luck. Enjoy!


Welcome to Year 2

Hazel and Elder Classes

Spring Term 2020


Topic: Blue Planet

Sparkling Start: Recycling Day!

Fab Finish: Film Fest (postponed

This term Our topic has been 'Blue Planet' we have all really enjoyed this topic and have all become passionate about looking after out beautiful planet!
We have been focusing on history this term and our significant individual Sir David Attenborough. 
We have been learning all about plastic pollution and what is is doing to our planet and to our environment. Our 'Sparkling Start' was lots of fun and we used all the single use plastic brought into school to create sea creatures. In DT we planned what we wanted to use and what our design would look like and then chose what we would need to create them. We had lots of fun and enjoyed displaying them around the classroom. You could do this with any materials you find at home. For example the empty milk cartons, toilet rolls, plastic packaging or newspaper.

We also used all our learning about plastic pollution to design plastic free packaging. We designed how we wanted it to look and thought carefully about what materials and tools we would need. Then we made the packaging!

We started our learning by reading the fantastic story 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' a story about a poor plastic bag that gets lost in the sea and swallowed by several different animals. 
We focused on adjectives, suffixes, conjunctions and alliteration to write our own versions of this story. 
You could use the skills you have learnt to write your own story!
In history we spent time researching information using reports, books and the internet all about Sir David Attenborough. We learnt what a significant individual was and why Sir David Attenborough was important to history. We enjoyed watching Blue Planet clips and used our knowledge to make timelines  of his life in chronological order. We then wrote letters him to explain to him what we had been learning about and why, we even asked him a few questions too. 
Who else could you write a letter to? Your favourite author, the Queen, a family member that lives far away? You could post it and see if they reply! 
We used what we learnt in history to then write our own non-chronological reports all about Sir David Attenborough. We included different sentence types such as questions, exclamatory sentences and statements to make them interesting. We draw images, wrote captions, and bullet point lists of interesting facts.
You could write your own report using these writing features about anything you know lots about- your favourite animal, football team, or your family. Don't forget to add some bright and interesting pictures to it!


In maths we have been doing lots of learning on multiplication and division. We learnt different ways of calculating multiplications such as using equal groups or using arrays. For division we worked out problems by sharing. We have also worked on learning our multiplication and division facts of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.
You can carry on practising these at home!
We also learnt all about fractions and divided numbers and shapes into halves, quarters and thirds.
Can you work out different fractions of a number?


In science we have been learning all about different materials. We looked at the properties of different materials and what they would be suitable for. We investigated whether objects were transparent, opaque or translucent and whether objects were strong, flexible and hard.
We also did an experiment to see which materials you could bend, stretch, twist and squash.
Can you find any objects at home that have any of these properties?
In PSHE we have been learning how to help Jigsaw Jo keep healthy! We learnt about healthy eating, keeping clean and the importance of exercise and sleep. We also have Jigsaw Joe some suggestions to help him when he had a headache and learnt all about being safe around medicine.
Can you keep a diary on how you’ve kept healthy to share with Jo when we’re back at school?

Look forward to seeing you all soon! Stay safe stay at home superheroes!

Welcome to Year 2

Hazel and Elder Classes

Autumn Term 2019


Topic: Wiggle and Crawl

Sparkling Start: Mini-beast Investigation Day

Fab Finish: Martin the Bug Man

What a busy Autumn term we have had! 

We ended the term with a trip to the Princes Theatre to see Snow White! We had such a lovely day!

We also enjoyed Christmas jumper day and our first Christmas dinner cooked in our brand new kitchen. We raised lots of money for Save the Children. The school council handed out sticker to say thank you for donating and taking part.

For our ‘Fab Finish’ for our topic ‘Wiggle and Crawl’ we had Martin the Bug Man in and he brought lots of creepy crawlies in for us to see. We learnt lots of information about his insects and we wowed him with what we had learnt about mini beasts.

This term we also had a special Anti Bullying week! We celebrated that we are all unique and different by wearing odd socks. During the morning we moved round classes taking part in lots of exciting activities. We learnt about what to do if someone is being unkind and what we could do to make sure our school is a lovely friendly place to be.

We also commemorated Remembrance Day by making poppies and having a special service with a 2 minute silence. 

In maths we have been learning all about addition and subtraction. We learnt to add and subtract practically, with number lines and using column method.

In English we have been really busy. We used our knowledge of mini beasts to write riddles. We also started a new text in shared reading ‘Hansel and Gretel’. We have been using the text to practice our retrieval and inference skills. We wrote instructions for making ‘Hansel’s Find His Way Home Snacks’. Our instructions were really clear so Hansel will have no problem following them!


We have had a fantastic start to year 2 and have been busy getting to know our new teachers and have been learning lots. We had a brilliant 'Sparkling Start' for our new topic Wiggle and Crawl. This included a Bug Hunt in our school forest and lots of fun mini-beast themed activities, such as games and mini-beast craft. We are now excited for all the learning we will be doing around our new topic!

In maths so far, we have been learning all about place value and numbers. We have been learning about how many tens and ones in different numbers and using this to help us answer different problems. We even had a maths themed open morning where we got to show our grown ups all about our learning and how we use the concrete resources, iPads and lots more to support our learning.

In English we have been writing character descriptions based on this half terms text ‘The Bad-Tempered Ladybird’. We used adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions to write interesting character descriptions of the characters in the story. We are also reading the story in our shared reading session. We have been answering questions on the vocabulary in the story and practicing retrieving information.

In our topic lessons we have been using our time in the forest to do science investigation on habitats. We have been learning at how to create texture, tone and pattern in our artwork and have crossed this with our computing and have been creating digital art. Also, in computing we have been learning to keep ourselves safe online. In PSHE we have been learning about all the different relationships we have and how they show us they care and how to show them we care. In history we will be comparing seaside holidays now with in the past and will be comparing our local area too!

We have learnt so much so far and can’t wait to keep exploring our new topic and learn lots more!