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Useful Links for Home Learning

Home Learning

At Burrsville Infant Academy we encourage home learning in a variety of ways. We invest in several learning websites available on tablets, phones and computers at home. Each child will have an individual, secure login to the website. If you do not have your login, please speak to your class teacher or during closure email admin@burrsvilleinfantacademy.org where this will be forwarded to our Computing Support member of staff. 

13.07.2020 - Please click HERE for this week's Chat Challenge which is all about sports day. 

29.06.2020 - This weeks Learning Overview is now live - we are now on Week 12.  Please scroll down this page to your child's year group.  Please encourage your children to attempt these activities. 

22.06.2020 - Please click HERE for this week's Chat Challenge which is all about water.

22.06.2020 - This weeks Learning Overview is now live - we are now on Week 11.  Please scroll down this page to your child's year group.

15.06.2020 - This weeks Learning Over-view is now live - we are now on Week 10


15.06.2020 - Please click HERE this week's Chat Challenge which is all about using paper. 

09.06.2020 - It is that time a year again when Essex Library Service are launching their Summer Reading Challenge. It is moving online this year.  The length of time the scheme runs for has also been extended and it was launched on Friday 5th June.

Children can take part by going to http://www.sillysquad.org.uk/ and signing up.  The sign up process will require parental consent and parents can find more details here: https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/parents-carers 

Although children must have an account to take part in the actual Challenge, lots of other content will be available on the Silly Squad website and their Facebook page for everyone to explore.

Children will set their own reading goals over the summer and can then take part using their own reading materials, e-books, e-audio and e-comics from the Essex Libraries online library service or (once libraries have reopened) using books borrowed from our libraries.

Each time they finish a book, they add it to their profile and write a review. They are rewarded with activities and incentives along the way, such as online badges, games and videos. 

Families are encouraged to join in and ‘Get Silly’ with downloadable activities, games, quizzes and more. With new content to enjoy each week, the fun will continue throughout the summer to keep families engaged. They also receive a downloadable certificate once they’ve completed their challenge!  

This is going to be a radically different approach for the Summer Reading Challenge, but we hope that many children will still be able to take part and hope that you can encourage your students to do so.  Please find attached a school pack created by the Reading Agency.

08.06.2020 - HERE is this weeks Chat Challenge. The focus this week is on how to use dough to support speech, language and communication skills. There are a range of activities working from pre-school level, right through to High School for our families with more than one child. This week's session is presented by the lovely Sophie via the YouTube link and there are recipes included for making dough too.

01.06.2020 - HERE is this weeks Chat Challenge, The focus this week is how to use a bed sheet within a range of activities to support speech, language and communication skills. There are some really nice songs and projects supporting children from pre-school, right into High School, so hopefully something for everyone.

21.5.2020 - At Burrsville we are in contact with a volunteer reading charity called Schoolreaders. During lockdown, as the volunteers are no longer going into schools to read with children, they have been busy making videos of themselves reading a variety of different stories to share with us.


I will be posting different videos that they have sent to us to share with you. Each story comes with optional activities.




Schoolreaders Storytime - 'The Ravenous Beast' by Niamh Sharkey

The ravenous beast is hungry; he’s hungry, hungry, hungry. But is he the hungriest animal of all?

Reading age: 5+

Schoolreaders Storytime - 'One is a snail, ten is a crab' by April Pulley Sayre

If one is a snail and two is a person, we must be counting by feet!

Reading age: 3+

Schoolreaders Storytime - 'This is Our House' by Michael Rosen

A book about the power of sharing. George says the cardboard house is his and no one else can share it.

Reading age: 5+

Optional activities to accompany each story can be found here

18.5.2020 - HERE is another "Chat Challenge", this time all about how to use technology to support speech, language and communication.

15.5.2020 - Please click HERE for more resources for children and families from Essex Commissioning Services

11.05.2020 - Please click HERE to access this weeks Chat Challenge Activity.  Suits all age groups. 

05.05.2020 - Please click HERE to access the weekly Chat Challenge Activity.  Suits all age groups.  

05.05.2020 - Weekly Learning Over-views have now been added, please scroll down the page.  We are currently on week 5. 

23.04.2020 - Please click HERE to access a list of our favourite Apps to support speech , language and communication. These have a small explanation of how they can be used to support parents and they are ordered from youngest to oldest to hopefully cover the age ranges.   

20.04.2020 - Please scroll down and click on the links for our next set of Weekly Learning Over-views.  We are currently on week 3. 

17.04.2020 - As you may recall on the initial list of useful learning platforms to use we mentioned Purplemash.  This has now been set up for parents to login and use with their child/children.  As children have their own unique login we are unable to publish the logins online.  If you wish to try the great resources and games please email admin@burrsvilleinfantacademy.org and place "Purplemash - Ms Green" in the subject bar and it will be forwarded on.  Ms Green will contact you with  your child's login details.  

02.04.2020 - Here is a link to a story you may like to share with your children. Dave the Dog is Worried about Coronavirus

IMPORTANT UPDATE - 30.03.2020 A lot of children are now using the app Houseparty. There are concerns about a feature where you can 'lock' people in a room, possibly with an unknown contact - unless you change your privacy settings.' If your child/children are using this App, please find information and guidance by clicking on the link - https://www.internetmatters.org/blog/2019/12/24/what-is-the-houseparty-app-what-parents-need-to-know/

or go to  


Some new Home Learning Packs for all ages are available by clicking on this link - Online Safety at Home


Please click on the link for advice from National Online Safety on how to keep your children safe online whilst using Remote Learning.  


Below are links to the weekly learning over-views.  These will be updated weekly by your class teachers. 


EYFS    - Sight words

Hi parents,
Some of you have requested the next sets of sight words. Here are the set 1 sight words for you to work through. Remember, your child needs to read it completely independently and accurately and read the words in a random order. They need to read each word at least three times and you should revisit the previously learnt words regularly.
If your child is on set 2 sight words, we do not have an electronic copy of these. However, they are taken from the 'KS1 high frequency words' and there are lots of copies of these for you to download on Twinkl. If your child is secure reading words, please practise writing them next. I hope this helps,


Miss Pargin. 


Week 1                                                 Week 3                                     Week 5                         Week 7                     Week 9                Week 11                Week 13               


Week 2                                                Week 4                                      Week 6                         Week 8                     Week 10              Week 12



                                  YEAR 1 

 Week 1                                               Week                                      Week 5                Week 7                       Week 9           Week 11          Week 13 


 Week 2                                               Week 4                                      Week 6                Week 8              Week 10          Week 12


                            YEAR 2 

Week 1                                                     Week 3                         Week 5                Week 7              Week 9            Week 11          Week 13


Week 2                                                 Week 4                                        Week 6                Week 8              Week 10          Week 12


School Subscription Apps  

Have a go at some of the learning activities on these websites. These sites require personalised logins which have been sent home with your child..  Click on the icon links below to access them.





Please click on the link for advise relating to parents and home learning.  https://learning.nspcc.org.uk/news/2020/march/undertaking-remote-teaching-safely/


This resource has been created by four Essex headteachers to help families support their children at home.  Please take a look.  The website is called www.purplewatermelon.co.uk

Click here to view more useful online resources you may like to look at.