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Burrsville PTA


Thank you to everyone who has donated to Bags2Schools, you raised £108 on this occasion.  Keep and eye out for the next collection date. 

The Valentines Disco raised £209.26.  Thank you so much for helping support our school.  The children all looked fabulous and had a great time singing and dancing.  

If you have any questions, or for more information, please contact us on PTA@burrsvilleinfantacademy.org


Future Events 2020/21

Bags 4 School:

There will be another collection on a date to be arranged.  DUE TO Covid 19 restrictions this has had to be postponed.


Thank you for your continued support. 

Minutes of PTA Meeting are available on request. 

What do we do?

We organise various events throughout the year to raise money for the school. The money we raise helps to provide extra resources, funds education trips and treats and lots of other extra curricular activities. 

Although we are a fairly new formed group,  we have already successfully organised or been involved with several school discos, raffles, Summer Fayre and Christmas Bazaar, all of which were well attended by all.

Volunteers are always needed so if you have some free time and you would like to  help us, please give your name and contact details to the office and one of us will contact you.

Who Are We? What are we?

The PTA have 3 elected members of a committee and a few non-elected members

at the present time.  The current PTA members are Sharon Sweeney, Clare Browne, Kristina Newbatt, Heather Appleby, Sarah Brand, Michelle Willcox, Kirsty Sweeney, Brooke Ellis, Catherine Milnes, Donald Parsons, Clayton Browne. 

We hold an Annual General Meeting in September to elect any new members of the committee.  If you are interested in putting yourself forward for any of the above positions please let us know.

The Burrsville Friends are a voluntary organisation. We meet once a month to discuss future events, however, we meet more regularly when an event is due to take place.