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Burrsville Infant Academy

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Welcome to EYFS!

Rowan and Maple classes


Here is our curriculum map so that you can see what we will be learning about throughout the year.

Autumn term 1

Topic: Do you want to be friends?

Sparkling start: Tour of the school and forest area


We have all settled into school really well! We have worked very hard to remember our classroom and outside rules and have had great fun exploring our new environment. Here are some photographs of us having fun in our new classrooms and outside area.


We enjoyed our tour of the school and learning about the different places and the grown ups who help us to learn. We have been enjoying our forest sessions and playing in the brand new mud kitchen and we always keen to get outside (and get mucky!)

In our English lessons we have been learning to write our names and learn some letter sounds. We practise writing these sounds in our Read, Write, Inc Phonics sessions, which we complete daily. Ask our teachers to see our phonics books to show how hard we are working on our letter formation!

In maths, we have been learning to recognise numbers and count a number of objects accurately. Some of us went into the forest on a number hunt. Our maths activities are fun and practical, meaning that sometimes we are learning and we don't even realise!

We want all children in our school to be happy, confident learners who can use a range of strategies to improve our own learning. We are currently focussing on 'mistakes' in EYFS. We want the children to realise that we all make mistakes, as these mistakes help us to learn and improve our work. We are reminding children to be excited about mistakes, as it means they are learning something new!

Autumn term 2

Topic: Will you read me a story?

Fab Finish: Fairytale Party


We are learning lots of different stories this term, including the traditional tales 'Goldilocks', 'The Gingerbread Man' and the Ahlberg stories 'The Jolly Postman' and 'The Jolly Christmas Postman'. We have been learning about repeated language and have done lots of retelling the stories with actions to help us remember them. We have used these familiar characters to help us with our maths learning, such as weighing, ordering numbers and using money. We have also completed art work and completed an experiment, using these characters as our focus and ensuring we immerse ourselves into our topic learning.

An important part of our learning this term has been to learn about Remembrance Day and understand what that means to us. We all had a named poppy to plant in the poppy garden at the front of the school and we held a Remembrance service out there. We also had a special homework project to make our own poppy at home and we were so creative and imaginative, meaning our classroom displays looked amazing! We were very lucky that Mrs Baynes' husband, Sergeant Major Baynes, came into school to speak to us about what Remembrance Day means to him and the other soldiers.   

We are now busy learning song words and lines for our Christmas performance. All children are bringing home song lyrics and words if they wanted to speak, please ensure you practise these regularly at home ahead of the big event! We hope to see lots of you there, and at our Fab Finish 'Fairytale Party' on the 7th December.


Spring term 1

Topic: What happens when I fall asleep?

Sparkling start: Night time event in the day!

The children started the topic by having a night time event in the school day. This included them having hot chocolate and marshmallows, watching a special film about day time and night time and playing sleeping lions. We enjoyed our sparkling start, all we were missing was our pajamas! 

We began the term by talking about the new year and our wishes for the future. We wrote about what we wish for and made wish posters using our creative skills. Here are some examples of our wishes, showing that we are using our phonics skills to help us write sounds, words and sentences.

In the forest we enjoyed being out in all weather and taking part in the Great School Bird Watch, raising awareness of birds in our environment and the RSPB. We made bird feeders using pipe cleaners and cheerios and used binoculars to look closely at the features of local birds. 

This week we have been learning about different cultural experiences, such as Chinese New Year and Shrove Tuesday. We planned to have pancakes in the forest, but unfortunately due to the snowy weather we had to relocate to the atrium. We still had a fantastic time talking about what we like and dislike on our pancakes! We will all be experts when it comes to making them in the school holidays! 

Spring term 2

Topic: Why do ladybirds have spots?

Fab Finish: Minibeast sewing at Family Fun Time

We started the term by celebrating the upcoming World Book Day with a trip to Clacton Library and the Princes Theatre. We had a great time going on the bus! Once there, we enjoyed having a story read to us by Audrey, the lady who showed us around the children's library. She had also arranged some activities to make up our own stories and help decorate a display in the library. Lots of us had new membership cards so we can borrow our own books regularly. We were also given the opportunity to visit the theatre, where we go to the pantomime each year. Kai, the man who works at the theatre told us all about how the lights work and how actors and actresses use sound and light in their performances. We had a go using the microphone and explored the smoke machine! It helped us to get in the mood for World Book Day, when we completed book reviews, shared favourite stories and spoke about why we like the characters we were dressed up as.

As well as learning lots about reading, we have also enjoyed lots of activities linked to our new topic. These include bug hunts in the forest, making minibeast plates, writing about the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and using minibeasts to help us understand subtraction.

We ended the term with an exciting forest fire and Family Fun Time session. It was a very busy day as it was also Sports Relief! Lots of our grown ups came into school, which is really important to us. Our teachers had bought individual sewing kits so we could all make our own minibeast decoration to take home, which will remind us of all the super learning we have done this term!

Summer term 1

Topic: Do cows drink milk?

Sparkling start: Duckling eggs!

We started our new topic with a very exciting 'Sparkling Start'. Our teachers told us we would be having some visitors when we came back from the Easter holidays. The next day a farmer from Norfolk came and set up an incubator with 6 duck eggs in! Over the next 3 days we eagerly awaited the arrival of the ducklings and enjoyed watching them use their beaks to peck their way out. Once they were born, we were able to hold the ducklings and watch them swim. We learnt lots about how to keep the ducklings safe and well, such as making sure they have food and warm and are kept warm and dry until they have their waterproof feathers. We were very sad to say goodbye to the ducklings after two weeks, but they helped us lots with our learning, especially linked to the outcomes from 'Understanding of the World'. It also helped us with our writing as we were all very keen to write about our experience of holding the ducklings!

We learnt lots about animals and growing throughout the topic. We were able to link lots of our learning to the topic, making it easier to understand why we need to be able to apply our skills in lots of everyday situations. For example, when we were learning about counting in twos, we used pairs of duck feet to help us! This made us realise that lots of animals have a pair of feet, so this makes it much quicker for us to count them in this way rather than all individually.

The 'Fab Finish' for this part of the term was a trip to Jimmy's Farm! We got to share all that we have learnt with the grown ups at the farm and they taught us lots of new information too, such as which fruits grow on different trees. Here are some photographs of us enjoying a very fun, action packed day!

Summer term 2

Topic: Who lives in a rock pool?

Fab Finish: Fun in the Sun day

We started the topic by reading a book called 'Pirates love Underpants!' Lots of us enjoyed this book as it is really funny. It also helps us to learn about rhyme. We were really good at rhyming and some of us wrote our own rhyming sentences or poems.

Now we are nearly at the end of our first year at school, we have been reading longer texts. Many of these are by well known authors, such as Julia Donaldson. We have been reading stories such as; 'Tiddler', 'The Snail and the Whale' and 'Sharing a Shell'. These texts have been really useful in helping to develop our vocabulary and understanding of story structure. Many of us have said we want to read some more books by similar authors at home. We hope lots of the children will go to the library and complete the summer reading challenge now so many of them are developing a love for reading.

In maths we have been continuing to improve our problem solving skills and have revisited addition, subtraction, doubling and halving. It is important that we understand how we may use these skills in everyday life, such as halving an amount of money to make sure two people have an equal share. We have practised this lots by completing activities linked to the stories we have shared or the role play activities set up in the provision. We need to continue to regularly practise using these skills within our play to ensure we remember how to problem solve practically.


We are seeing out the year with a 'Fun in the Sun' day to celebrate our learning this term. We have water play and a trip to the park planned! Both Miss Pargin and Mrs Perryman are very proud of our achievements this year. They know we will continue to work hard and try our best as we move into a new class. Happy summer holidays!